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The First Garment is Done

I'm so sorry!  I thought I had posted this two weeks ago, and it's been sitting in the "save" file the whole time. I'm back from my vacation.  The total eclipse was one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen in my life, and I urge you all, if you can, to see one.   I spent the hour or so leading up to the eclipse sitting in a camp chair working on my drawers.   They look pretty comical before the waistband is put on. A couple of people were flummoxed when they asked what I was sewing, and I held up this enormous thing and told them it was underwear. I still need to make a fingerloop braided tie...

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The Royal Underwear, and How I'm Hand Sewing It

I've started work on the first garment for the Queen of Margonia project, a pair of hand stitched drawers made from the pattern in the Italian Underpinnings package.   I don't usually hand stitch my garments, especially those that won't show in the final wearing, but I wanted a television watching project. The work is actually going faster than I expected, and is quite relaxing.  The fabric is a really nice smooth tightly woven linen, part of a set of curtains I found at a thrift store.  I've already made my husband a shirt from it, so I only have a few pieces left.  One of the pieces turned out to be exactly big enough to make the drawers.  I bought...

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Concept Art for The Queen of Margonia

This is my initial design for the Queen oF Margonia costume. The dress will be made of purple velvet, trimmed with a gold trim that looks like embroidery.  I will embellish the trim with pearls and jewels.  The forepart and sleeves will be white or ivory silk, with a latticework pattern in gold cording, surrounding jeweled ornaments alternating with the "MA" monogram from my logo, done in gold colored thread and surrounded with a ring of small pearls.  Click "Read More" to see a closeup of the pattern:   

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