About Us

Margo Anderson was born in 1957, and has been interested in historical costume since the age of six. 
She has held a number of costume related jobs, including being a wardrobe attendant and dresser at Harrah’s Casino in Lake Tahoe, renting costumes in San Francisco’s largest costume store, being a stitcher in the costume shop of American Conservatory Theater, selling sewing machines, and running her own bridal alterations and custom dress business.
She went to her first Renaissance Faire in 1973, wearing a costume that can charitably be described as "an ambitious effort." But even then she was hooked. She started working at the Faire in 1984 and began creating Renaissance costumes, first for herself, then for friends, and, as her skill and knowledge grew, finally for customers. 


She has been active in the Society for Creative Anachronism, where she is known as Lady Maudeleyn of Bryn Aur.
In 1999, an opportunity presented itself and she leaped at the chance to start her dream business, Historic Costume Patterns. Our patterns, and this website, are the fruits of that opportunity, and of over forty years of study and practice.
She has two grown sons who have grown up helping  her in her work.  One is studying fashion design and one is working with her in the business.
She lives with her husband, one of her sons, and two cats in a California beach town. 
Doug Gordon became a partner and investor in HCP in 2006.  He’s brought an engineer’s eye and training to the business. He and Margo were married in 2013.  
Robert Anderson Is Margo’s youngest son.  He began working in the business at the age of five, opening pattern bags for a penny apiece.  He now manages order fulfillment and shipping, and created this website.  He is studying to be a radiology technician.  He recently completed his first novel, and enjoys tabletop gaming.  Yes, ladies, he’s single!
Niccola Tessla and Buckminster Fuller are our Morale Officers.  They enjoy being petted, shredding tissue paper, trying to get outside, and catnip.