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#012 The Elizabethan Bodice: FINISHING THE BODICE

Welcome back to The Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along!  Today we are going to discuss all the remaining things you need to do to finish your bodice!   In our last installment, we finished our seams and bound the edges of our bodice.   Bound bodice, waiting for finishing treatments. We had skipped the instructions on skirting, because we had planned on adding the skirting/tabs after the binding went on, in order to make it easier for adjusting for weight.  However, we first had to choose trims for the bodice. Choosing the trims. We had some dark teal velvet we were planning on using for the underskirt, so we chose a dark teal ribbon for the main trim, and silver braids that coordinated. ...

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Welcome back to The Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along!  Today we are going to focus on stacking our layers, and cinching our armsyce. In our last installment, we constructed our flatlining by adding stiffening and boning to it.  Now we are going to take all those layers, and start turning them into something resembling a bodice.   Our flatlining, ready to be stacked! We took our fashion fabric, and put it on the table RIGHT side down.  Then we took our flatlining and put it WRONG sides together with it's coordinating fashion fabric piece.  If we had interlining, we would have put this between those two layers.  In this case, the side with the boning channels would be facing up, and the...

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Welcome back to The Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along!  Today we will be showing how to construct your flatlining, by adding in stiffening and boning. In our last blog post, we showed you how to properly cut out your flatlining and fashion fabric.  The next thing you need to cut out is your stiffening. Cutting out your bodice stiffening pieces. The purpose of your bodice stiffening is to give additional support at the front of your garment.  Bodice stiffening can be made from cotton batting, or (as we used here) wool felt.  Because our bodice opens in the front, we cut four pieces of stiffening instead of two on the fold. Trimming the edges of the stiffening pieces, and doing a messy...

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