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018D The Elizabethan Gentleman's Trunk Hose Digital Download

018D The Elizabethan Gentleman's Trunk Hose Digital Download

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Please note: The Elizabethan Trunk Hose Pattern was formerly known as the Elizabethan Gentleman's Slops Pattern. Further research has revealed that the name "Slops"  referred to a very different garment, so in the interest of correctness, we have changed the name. 

Trunk Hose, also known as  netherhose, were high style in the Elizabethan period.  Our pattern includes two fullness options and three length options, plus an optional codpiece. 

Sizes 34-56 are included.

Note: This pattern is reprinted from our now out of print Elizabethan Gentleman's wardrobe package.  If you have that one, you do not need to purchase this one.  

The pattern is a digital download, and comes with PDF files in a zip file.  They include:

  • The front and back cover pages of the pattern
  • The 44 page instruction manual
  • A PDF form with instructions on how to assemble the pattern
  • A PDF file with the pattern on a sheet that can be printed at your local copy shop
  • A PDF file with the pattern tiled to be printed on a home printer.  The same file will work for letter and A4 size paper.  

DO NOT download the zip file to your phone.  It must be downloaded to a computer.