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Project Pretty Sewing Room

A few months ago, my husband got a new job, and we needed to move. We found a house that was perfect in many ways, but one thing concerned me. The only space for a sewing room was half the size of the one I’d be leaving.

I've been lucky enough to have some kind of dedicated sewing space for the last 35 years, and I've always felt lucky to have all my equipment and supplies in that space. My workspace was filled with machines, storage, dress forms, and pegboards. I wasn't wasting space on frivolous decorations. I was a professional with a serious workspace!

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn't actually like being in the room.  Part of it was that it was bland and boring. I spend my life helping people learn how to make beautiful things but there wasn’t much beauty in my own life.

Another problem I realized was that while I thought having all my supplies in clear sight would inspire me, it actually had the opposite effect. Although my stuff was fairly neatly organized, there was just too much of it, and it overwhelmed and confused me.

So I decided it was time to rethink things completely.  I vowed to create a space that was efficient and inspiring.

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  • Tatiana

    Perfect timing,
    We are moving as well. Looking forward to new ideas!

  • Victoria Young

    I’m no where near being a professional. But I found when I was redoing my work room the same problem. I felt overwhelmed. I had to leave open space beside me and along one wall. I could put things lower but up higher closed the space in too much. I look forward to seeing your floor plan.

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