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#012: The Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along: ASSEMBLING A DIGITAL PATTERN

This post is the second in a series for  #012: The Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along. 
Pattern #012 is the first pattern that has been offered at Margo's Patterns as a digital download.  We thought it might be helpful to do a post on how to assemble the pattern once it has been printed out.
Pattern tile pages = the papers you will print out from the download
Grey lines = the lines on the pattern tile pages
Pattern sheet = the pattern once all the tile pages have been taped together
Each digital download pattern is sent to the buyer as a zip file.  You open the zip file and extract all the files inside.  One of those files says "Instructions" on it, and that is the first thing you want to print out.  
Instruction Sheet
Read the directions on the Instruction Sheet, and do each step.  When you are done with printing, you should have a stack of pattern tile pages, that are all numbered in the left hand corner.
The printed pattern tile pages.
Next, you need to cut off the excess paper.  You will cut on the OUTSIDE of the grey lines, the side by the edge of the paper.  The grey lines are important to the assembly, and you need them.  
Cutting on the outside of the grey line.
The next thing you need to do for this particular pattern is to find the tile pages that are labeled:  4/8, 20/24, and 28/32.  These pages have solid black lines down the middle of them, with the words "Cut on this line" in bold.  You can cut anywhere on the line - on either side, or down the middle.  This line is going to be an exterior edge of the whole pattern sheet, so where you cut on it does not matter.  Cut the page along the line, and put them to the side.

Cut on the black line.
Now it is time to tape the pattern together.  On your Instruction Sheet is an image of a grid.  This is the order in which you will tape your pattern tile pages together.  The finished large pattern sheet will be 4 tiles wide, and 8 tiles long.  
Start with tile pages 1 and 2.  You want to butt the grey lines up against each other for the pattern to line up.  I usually find a spot in the middle of a long side and match that up, and put a small piece of tape along the seam.  Then I smooth out the pattern edges in each direction, and tape as you line up the pattern.  
Taping the pieces to each other.
Tape one page onto another at a time.  DO NOT tape one row, and then tape another row, and attempt to then tape the two rows together.  You will find that your pattern lines are not likely to match up.  Take it slow and steady, and do the best you can.  Take the 1/2 tile page that is #4, and tape that at the end of the first row.  Then move back to the left side, and tape #5 directly below #1.  Follow the grid, and just keep taping.  

The short edges on the ends.
Be very careful to make sure that things stay as aligned as possible.  If one row gets shifted, then all subsequent rows will shift, and your pattern will not be aligned properly, and this will cause problems with getting the correct size.  
When you are finished, your pattern sheet should look something like this:
The fully constructed pattern sheet.
If you prefer, you can keep the pattern sheet together as one big sheet, and store it that way.  I like to cut my pieces out, as I find it easier to manage them.  I cut around the pattern piece leaving 1/4 of space around the farthest outer line.  This way I will have all available sizes when I go to make my personal pattern.
The cut out pattern, ready for storage.
Now that you have your pattern assembled, you are ready for the next part of the Sew Along!

NEXT BLOG POST:  Altering the pattern to fit your measurements.
This article, and the rest of the Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along posts, was written by Laura Ulak.

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