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#012: The Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along: MEASUREMENTS

The Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along (referred to after this as #012 Bodice Sew Along) begins today!  We will be doing different blog posts each week, addressing different parts of the process of assembling a garment made from the pattern.

This week's blog posts are as follows:

  • Measurements with or without a corset underneath
  • Assembling a digital pattern
  • Altering the pattern to fit your measurements
  • Cutting out your mock-up
  • Fitting your mock-up with or without a corset underneath

Today's post is all about measurements.  The #012 Bodice pattern requires 5 specific measurements in order to be able to get the correct fit:

1.  High Bust (around chest under your armpits)
2.  Bust (the fullest part of the bust)
3.  Waist* (your natural waist, or where your waist bends)
4.  Across Back (between shoulder point bones)
5.  Back Length (from nape bone to waist)

* - Your natural or "true" waist measurement is found by bending side to side, and feeling where your body bends in.  Usually it is right under the bottom of your rib cage, but for some people it can be farther down.  Your waist is NOT where your pants sit, and is NOT where your belly button is.  It is where your waist naturally bends.  If you have a hard time finding it by feel, try looking in a long mirror in a tightly fitted shirt as you bend side to side.  You should be able to visually see where your waist bends.  You can also try tying a piece of elastic around your body, and wriggling around till it settles in one place.  


Maggie helps Gilah with her measurements.

You can measure yourself if you have a mirror, and a measuring tape.  Otherwise, ask a friend to measure you, and then return the favor!  Make sure that you don't pull the tape too tightly, and that it isn't too loose.  It should be snug, but with no "spillage" over the tape.  Make sure to check the back side of your body when doing the High Bust and Bust measurements - tapes like to slide down, and your measurement needs to be fairly accurate.

(Note:  Arte is wearing a corset made from pattern #001, The Elizabethan Lady's Underpinnings.)

High Bust:  
Make sure the tape isn't too snug or loose.  Without a corset.


Over a corset. 



Without a corset.


With a corset.



Without a corset.

With a corset.


Across Back:

Without a corset.

With a corset.


Back Length:

Without a corset.


With a corset.

Now that you have your measurements, you are ready to move onto the next step, which is altering the pattern to fit your measurements!  

NEXT BLOG POST:  Assembling a digital pattern.

This article, and the rest of the Elizabethan Bodice Sew Along posts, was written by Laura Ulak.


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