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008 The Italian Lady's Underpinnings

008 The Italian Lady's Underpinnings

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We are delighted to announce the first of our Italian Renaissance Lady's Ensemble: The Italian Renaissance Lady's Underpinnings, suitable for the years 1570-1600.

The Italian Lady's Underpinnings package includes the same detailed research and documentation that made our Elizabethan and Tudor patterns famous. It includes: 

Sleeveless Shift, Drawers, Camicia

Underbodice, Plain or Rope Stiffened Petticoat

Three styles of Partlet and Pocket

 This pattern is printed on tissue paper.

The patterns are multi-sized from 2 to 30. In addition, the package comes with extensive instructions: a printed AND PDF manual with 100 pages of fully illustrated text. This includes instruction in advanced sewing and costuming techniques, appendices, sizing and measuring charts, a detailed bibliography, and an attractive cover insert.