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023 The Elizabethan Kirtle

023 The Elizabethan Kirtle

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NOTE:  You will receive a paper copy of the manual AND a PDF copy of the manual.

The kirtle was the basic woman’s dress of the 16th century. It can be used for all classes, depending on ornamentation and the garments layered over it.

The bodice of the kirtle has a low, square neck. The back neck is also square, and dips to 3” below the nape of the neck. The waistline is slightly pointed in front. The kirtle bodice can be made to fasten with lacing at the center front or center back.

The front of the kirtle bodice is stiffened to give support and a smooth line. Instructions are given both for pad stitching by hand, and a similar effect using machine stitching.

The skirt is full, knife pleated, and is gored for more fullness at the hem. It has a faced slit below the bodice opening.

The sleeves are moderately fitted, two piece “coat” sleeves, that are attached to the kirtle shoulder straps with ties or pins.

Sizes 2- 30 are included in every package, including separate pattern pieces for bust cup sizes A/B, C, D, and DD!

The 55 page instruction manual includes historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.

This pattern is printed on bond paper.

This pattern coordinates with our 16th Century Doublet and Elizabethan Sleeve patterns.