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020 The Elizabethan Gentleman's Sleeves

020 The Elizabethan Gentleman's Sleeves

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NOTE:  You will receive a paper copy of the manual AND a PDF copy of the manual.

Sleeves in the Elizabethan period were a focal style point.  They were most often sewn to the doublet, but could made up separately and stitched, tied or laced in as desired, a popular choice for those who wear them in climates other than that of England.  Wide, open sleeves were sometimes layered over narrower ones.

Our pattern includes fives sleeve styles with numerous variations.  Sizes 34-56 are included.  

Printed on high quality white bond paper. 

Note: This pattern is reprinted from our now out of print Elizabethan Gentleman's wardrobe package.  If you have that one, you do not need to purchase this one.