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This has been a very busy year at Margo's Patterns.  After almost 20 years in business, we decided it was time to give everything an overhaul.  From the website to our product, nothing has been left untouched.  

Our focus has always been on producing historical patterns of excellent quality for you, our customers.  Don't worry - that won't change!  We are just as committed today as we were 19 years ago, and we will never compromise on quality.  

However, it is important to not let things get stale, to continue to try to meet your needs in all areas, and we think we have some really exciting things coming up that will do just that.

The first thing we did was to bring Laura Ulak on as our General Manager.  Her years of experience in sewing, running forums, and business experience will enable Margo to focus on what she does best:  designing patterns.  Our first month has been a little hectic as we make this transition, but Laura has brought fresh ideas and energy to Margo's Patterns, and we couldn't be happier.

Next we decided that the website needed an overhaul.  We have changed some pages, made it easier to navigate, and freshened it up.  Our new version is planned to debut on March 1st, with some additional work to be done on it over the next several months.  We hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do!

We also have been trying to find ways to make shipping more affordable.  Our first idea was to offer First Class Shipping via USPS for individual patterns.  This should reduce your shipping costs.  We will continue to offer Priority Mail shipping for 2 or more patterns purchased at one time.

Our second idea for shipping tied into an idea we have had for awhile - to offer digital downloads of our patterns.  That way there is no shipping at all!  We are dipping our toes in the digital water with the release of our first pattern available via digital download:  #012 The Elizabethan Bodice.  It has been tested and is ready to go!  We plan to follow this up with #010 16th Century Elizabethan Lady's Doublet within the next few weeks.  We have digital versions of our patterns for the discerning Gentleman coming in April.  Digital download patterns will always be priced at $2.00 less than their non-digital counterparts.

At this time we are focusing on making our individual patterns available via digital download.  Group patterns such as #022 The Elizabethan Lady, #007 The Tudor Lady's Wardrobe, and #009 The Italian Lady's Wardrobe will continue to be offered as group patterns ONLY.  As time allows, we will look into making these sorts of more complicated patterns available via digital download.  

As another way to make things more economical for our customers, we have reduced pricing on many of our patterns.  Patterns which focus on a specific piece such as a doublet, sleeve, or breeches have been discounted, and other discounts are offered if you purchase certain sets together, such as the #008 Italian Lady's Underpinnings and #009 The Italian Lady's Wardrobe. 

We're happy to have found ways to pass some savings on to you, to celebrate everyone who has supported us for the last 19 years.

Social media also seemed to be a place that we could better engage with all of you.  Our Facebook Forum remains as one of the best places on the Internet (we might be biased!) - it is filled with people who are knowledgeable, who love our patterns, and who are happy to help others.  We hope you join us there if you haven't already!  Instagram is somewhat new to us, but we are hoping to reach more of you there, with photos of costumes in progress, the work of our customers, and even a little behind the scenes of how the patterns get created.  Follow us at Margo's Patterns on Instagram!

We have also decided to focus on a different popular pattern each month by having a Sew Along.  For March, the Sew Along will focus on #012, The Elizabethan Bodice.  As we mentioned above, it is our first pattern available via digital download, so there are several different ways to get your pattern to participate!  The Sew Alongs will consist of weekly blog posts, videos and photos, and a weekly Q & A with Margo!  No need to sign up - just check Instagram or Facebook for updates.  We will be cross-posting information to both locations.  Work at your own pace, and please share your progress and finished results with us!  Tag us on Instagram, link to us on Facebook.  We are so excited to see your creativity!  

There are more things in the mix for 2020, but this seems like a pretty good place to start.  We deeply appreciate your support and encouragement all of these years.  You are the reasons why we do this, and we are so grateful to have such wonderful customers.  Not everyone gets to do what they love every day, and Margo is so lucky to be able to do it for all of you.  

Thank you,

Margo and Laura


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