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We offer the best Elizabethan, Tudor, and Italian Renaissance period costume patterns available anywhere. Extensive and thoroughly diagrammed manuals lead you through every step of construction and fitting.

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The Elizabethan
Tailored Bodice
  The Elizabethan
Comfort Pattern Mod Pack
  The 16th Century
Lady's Doublet
New for December 2016!

The Elizabethan Tailored Bodice is suitable for wear by all classes in the years 1565 - 1600. This pattern contains many options for fastening, skirting, and shoulder treatments. It will coordinate with our soon-to-be-released Underskirt and Forepart, Skirt, and Sleeeve patterns.
  New for August 2016!

A New Supplement to the Elizabethan Comfort Pattern, the Comfort Mod Pack contains patterns and instructions for adjusting the gown in any length desired, including the addition of a train, or lengthening the side gores. Also includes instructions for variations to the neckline, and several sleeve length and opening options.


Our Comfort Pattern is also now Back in Stock! See the Elizabethan Patterns below!

  New for May 2016!

The first offering in our Single Garment Pattern Line! The 16th Century Lady's Doublet is suitable for all classes in the years 1565 - 1600. The pattern includes three neckline and collar styles, and many other options.
The Italian Pattern Line   The Tudor
Lady's Wardrobe
  The Elizabethan
Pattern Line
For years, our customers have been clamoring for Italian Renaissance period patterns. We are delighted to now offer two patterns in this new line, suitable for the years 1530 - 1600: The Italian Renaissance Lady's Underpinnings, and the Italian Lady's Wardrobe. Available singly, or in a discounted Combo Pack! From our successful Kickstarter campaign!

  Everything you need to dress the Tudor woman, from undergarments to accessories. It's not just for the upper class lady: we also provide instructions and pattern pieces for the working class Tudor woman. Includes a 180+ page instruction manual, this time with detailed historical notes by Tudor researcher Kimiko Small.  

Our original collection of Elizabethan Period costume patterns! Includes the Lady's Underpinnings, the starting point for all of your Elizabethan-era costumes, the Elizabethan Accessories, and the Elizabethan Working Woman patterns.

The Elizabethan Comfort Pattern is another one of our Elizabethan offerings, and is now back in stock after a short absence from our lineup Click on the Blue and Green gowned ladies in the lower right icon above to be taken to that page!

The Elizabethan Lady's and Gentlemen's Wardrobes, two perennial favorites, are currently out of stock, but they're being reworked, updated, and will be brought back soon. Stay tuned!

News: December 1, 2016



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