012 Elizabethan Tailored Bodice

012 Elizabethan Tailored Bodice

  • $25.00

The Elizabethan Tailored bodice is suitable for wear by all classes in the years 1565-1600. The pattern can be made up with fastening in the front with hooks and eyes or laces, or with laces at the side backs or center back. Several skirting and shoulder treatment options are included.

Sizes 2- 30 are included in every package,, including separate pattern pieces for bust cup sizes A/B, C, D, and DD!

The 60 page instruction manual includes historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.

This pattern is printed on bond paper.

This pattern will coordinate with our soon-to-be-released Underskirt and Forepart, Skirt, and Elizabethan Sleeve patterns.