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The Italian Lady's Underpinnings

Image of the pattern cover.New Pattern!
$36.00 (Calif. add sales tax)

For years, our customers have been clamoring for Italian Renaissance patterns. We are delighted to announce the first of our Italian Renaissance Lady's Ensemble: The Italian Renaissance Lady's Underpinnings, suitable for the years 1570-1600.

The Italian Lady's Underpinnings package includes the same detailed research and documentation that made our Elizabethan and Tudor patterns famous. It includes:

  • Sleeveless Shift

  • Drawers

  • Camicia

  • Underbodice

  • Petticoat, plain or rope stiffened

  • Collared partlets

  • Net partlet

  • Pocket

    The patterns are multi-sized from 2 to 30.

    In addition, the package comes with extensive instructions: 100 pages of fully illustrated text, 3-hole punched for insertion in a binder. This includes instruction in advanced sewing and costuming techniques, appendices, sizing and measuring charts, a detailed bibliography, and an attractive cover insert.

  • "Margo's pattern is the most comfortable corset I have ever worn. There is no slouching in the ones I have made, and I always feel as though I have the proper silhouette for the period and the high noble gowns that I wear."
     - Mary Lou, about the First Edition.

    "These patterns are just beautiful! and the instructions... whoa - very nicely done. I love the fact that they're 8x11, with enough whitespace for me to write in my own notes... thanks again for such a beautiful and enormous project."
      - Joyce



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