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The Elizabethan Working Woman's Wardrobe

Image of the pattern cover.$36.00 (Calif. add sales tax)

Here is a pattern package that gives you all the pieces neccesary to make a complete Elizabethan working class woman's costume!

This package will do for the middle- and lower-classes what the Elizabethan Lady's Ensemble did for the noblewomen -- in short, this set provides top-quality patterns, thoroughly researched and documented, in a single, comprehensive package. No more buying separate patterns for each piece.

Who needs this pattern? If you portray the thousands of Renaissance huswives, young girls, and widowed women of the village, town or city. The ale wenches, shop-women, herbalists, blacksmith's wives, midwives, chambermaids, farmers' wives, and many others. Until now you were left without a high-standard, historically accurate option. No more -- now you have a more authentic option.

IMPORTANT: Most of the pieces in the Working Woman's Wardrobe are adapted from selected pieces in the Elizabethan Lady's Ensemble. If you already have the complete Lady's Ensemble -- Underpinnings, Wardrobe and Accessories patterns, you do not need this new package.

Of course, if you're starting with a middle-class costume and planning to do nobles eventually, you might consider buying the Elizabethan Lady's Ensemble instead*.

The patterns are multi-sized from 2 to 28 (view sizing chart pdf).

In addition, the package comes with extensive instructions: 90 pages of fully illustrated text, 3-hole punched for insertion in a binder. This includes instruction in advanced sewing and costuming techniques, appendices, sizing and measuring charts, a detailed bibliography, and an attractive cover insert.

*See free instructions for adapting the complete Elizabethan Lady's Ensemble for middle and lower class, as used in the Elizabethan Working Woman patterns.

I Knew You'd tell me exactly what I needed to know, and how to blend the Elizabethan Woman and Working Woman patterns to provide just the right feel.
 - Dayna

"It was from a lady around here I heard about margo's patterns in the first place. I haven't made anything but a working woman's partlet yet but the pattern instructions have helped me put together my existing pieces in a much more authentic way."
 - Moira



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