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The Elizabethan Couple's Ensemble 5-Pack

Second Edition
$165.00 (Calif. add sales tax)

Includes All Five popular Elizabethan packages:

With this package set, you recieve all four packages that make up the Elizabethan Ladies Comfort Ensemble, and you get the Elizabethan Gentleman's Wardrobe.This is a great package for re-enacting couples, families or soon-to-be families, or theaters costuming both men and women in a variety of styles.

This full set of patterns provide you with the complete wardrobe package for both genders. It will be easy to mix and match parts from all of the pattern sets. The various parts have been designed from the beginning to work together, eliminating the problems in styling and sizing that result from mixing sources. By varying the styles and materials used, these patterns are suitable for social classes ranging from personal servants or merchants up to nobility and royalty.

The patterns are multi-sized from 2 to 30 for women, and from size 34 to 56 for men (view size chart pdf).

Each pattern package comes with extensive instructions and documentation - including detailed discussion of extant specimens, how they were made and worn, materials and techniques of the period, and the modern equivalents you can use to achieve the closest possible results.

The new Second Editions incorporate errata and feedback from our customers to make them better than ever. These are, quite simply, the best Elizabethan patterns for both genders ever offered to the public at any price, and all FIVE pattern sets can be purchased at our best cost saving package price.



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