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Mamma Rose and Margo Anderson presented

The 2002 "Iron Dress" Competition!

What do you do with that ever-growing stash of beautiful, historically accurate fabrics and trims? How about the boning, the buttons and pearls and jewels? If you have Margo Anderson's Elizabethan Lady's Ensemble, you can throw a costume together using mostly what's on hand -- and enter it in the Iron Dress Competition!

This competition was generously sponsored by Mamma Rose, who provided a prize of a gift certificate for $100.00 to the winner's choice of either Thai Silks or Phoenix Textiles.

The rules were simple:

  • The costume must be made using Margo's Patterns.
  • The costume must be made using materials on hand.
  • In addition to the materials on hand, each competitor was allowed to spend up to $25.00 on additional materials and supplies.

The competition was announced on August 1st, 2002, and entries were to be completed no later than midnight of October 1. The winner would be selected by Margo Anderson.

We received four entries -- not a lot, but then the entrance requirements were formidable for some. In any case, the entries proved enough for some spirited -- and close -- competition. We are only showing three of the entrants here, because we haven't yet received a model release from the fourth. When we do, we'll add her costume to this page with the next update.

Iron Dress Entries

Diana Chapdelaine Dawn Vautier Anabella Wake's 1590s Florentine



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