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Andrea Scott's "Pumpkin Dress"

Click to view larger imageAndrea Scott did something a little different with our patterns. Instead of doing it up in silks and velvets, crusted with pearls and jewels, she kept it plain -- representing a middle-class woman of Elizabethan England.

Click to view larger imageBut it's not really plain, if you look closely. Look at the shoulder rolls, the trim designs, the tabbed skirting. It's possible to make a great costume with simple materials, and to make it subtle rather than gaudy. Attention to detail is the key, and Andrea has done it well.

She calls it her "Pumpkin Dress," and looking at the colors, it's easy to see why. But it looks fine to us -- an excellent example of an Elizabethan middle-class woman showing off her design and sewing skills. Not that we mind seeing splendid court costumes, but it's really nice to see someone demonstrate the breadth and versatility of the patterns.

Nice work, Andrea -- we look forward to seeing more of your costumes!




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