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Angela Friedman's Red Court Gown

Angela Friedman sent me these photos of her costume, which she originally intended for a Shakespeare production through her school. When it wasn't finished in time, she entered it instead in the costume competition at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Well, she didn't just enter -- she won first prize in the Female Nobility class in the Grand Finals!

"Everything you can see in the picture is 100% silk," Angela says. "Silk satins, silk velvets, silk trim, silk lining...the undergarments are all 100% cotton."

Did she change anything from the patterns? "Nothing really. I had to make a lot of fitting adjustments, and the corset isn't made from your patterns, but everything else is fairly unchanged."

Angela doesn't seem too disappointed about missing the Shakespeare production. "I may end up wearing it for a special scene through my Shakespeare club," she says. And next summer she expects to join the Guilde of St. George at the Bristol Faire. A very impressive debut!



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