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Bonus Hats!

As you know by now, the Second Edition of the Elizabethan Accessories pattern contains two new hats, hats that weren't included in the first edition. Well, we don't want any of our customers who bought the first edition Accessories to feel left out, so we're doing something unusual.

What we've done, in this case, is to save the pattern files as Adobe Acrobat .pdf files, so you can download and print them on your own printer. Sure, you'll have to tape a bunch of pieces of paper together -- but anyone who can sew can handle that.

One of the new hats is a flat cap, and it uses the brim from the existing first edition Accessories Tall Hat. The second, a coif, is all new. Anyone can download these .pdf files and use them, but the flat cap is only good for owners of the first edition Accessories. We're considering the coif to be a free sample pattern, available for anyone who wants to try it.

Flat cap manual Coif manual
Flat cap crown 1 Coif 1
Flat cap crown 2 Coif 2
Flat cap crown 3 Coif 3
Flat cap crown 4  



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