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What People are Saying About Margo's Patterns!

Here are links to some independent pattern reviews on the Web:

The Greater Bay Area Costumers' Guild has a detailed section of pattern reviews on their website. Click here to see what they've said about Margo's patterns.

Click here to read Drea Leed's review as published in Tournaments Illuminated, the official magazine of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Below are some of the unsolicited responses we've seen since our patterns were released, along with the first names of the people sending them. Some were posted to the Margospatterns email list (which we urge you to join, if you haven't!); others are emails sent directly to Margo.

MaggiRos: ...It's just so stunning to have all these hats and sleeves and foreparts all at once, and the bits of history and advice on almost every page. Believe me, this is completely unlike any period pattern anywhere ... She's done an extraordinary thing here...

Drea: ... Magnificent!... Margo also included wonderfully detailed instructions on fitting and altering the corset, & the bodice as well ... Thanks again, Margo. You've made the world of Elizabethan costuming much more accessible with this pattern.

Amy: After lurking for some time and admiring Margo Anderson patterns for even longer. I have finally bought the four pack of patterns. I feel like a kid let loose in a candy store. WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Denise: I usually squawk at the full price of [big pattern company] patterns, but didn't bat an eye at the price of Margo's after looking at her website. She obviously has the skill and expertise to "do it right". And that she did, IMO. I got to browse through my packet a bit this afternoon, and was impressed by how much more info is there. Like getting a well-researched book along with a great pattern. Thank you Margo, and I look forward to seeing more!

Shanda: Oh thank you, thank you, a thousand times!!! What a splendid job! ... And I must say, you went above and beyond even what I envisioned with regard to the manuals. I finally got my patterns and have been finding it hard to get my weekend chores done, since sitting down with your manuals is like sitting down with a good book! What a contribution to the pattern industry. You must be beaming with all the praise. Congratulations to you and your wonderful husband (family, friends, etc.) for helping you to see it through. I admire you. P.S. Can't wait for the next round to add to my pattern library!

Carolle: Mine came, too! I thought something was up when the mailman came up the street positively lugging the mail. David was strangely quiet for at least 10 minutes, and then called me downstairs to 'go get Lisa from school'. Yeah, right! He'd put the big envelope in the middle of my favorite table covering on the kitchen table - as befits a truly precious possession! Now i just want everyone to go away. Go to bed. Take someone else out to dinner. Just leave me alone. I want to read this thing from cover to cover. Please? Thanks so much, Margo (and Wayne).

Laura: It is *****fabulous*****! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou Margo!

Anathandra: The patterns are wonderful. I didn't do anything with the actual tissue patterns, but I stuck the manuals in a binder for trip reading material. Great job Margo! ... It is truly the single best pattern collection I have ever had the opportunity to lay eyes on... It will probably be a little while before my muslin will meet my scissors, but I've pored over the instructions and studied them in incredible detail and I find myself utterly astounded. It really is a costuming course under one cover. A round of applause for Margo, along with a bottle of whatever she likes best!

Muirgheal: The mailman dropped off a package to me today. And it is not at all what I expected. I expected a pattern, neatly done and thorough. What I got instead is a what, 350 page volume, a guide and hint book, an encyclopedia of basic Elizabethan history, fashion and construction. I got beautifully done guide pictures and whimsical illustrations. I got a wonderful gem of reading that will keep me at it for the next 3 nights. The book that is the instructions to these patterns is in and of itself in my humblest opinion very worth the price of the whole kit and kaboodle...I am beyond pleased. I will take this pattern volume with me to my next A&S workshop to brag and show off with special emphasis on the page where the website and ordering info is. Margo, I hope you get rich off of this project and all the others we are already atingle with anticipation for. To those of you who already have it, I share your eagerness to get started and enthusiasm. To those of you who haven't gotten it, it's worth the wait. To Margo and Wayne and their patient family, I give a hearty Vivats!!

Margaret: ...all that said, I got so frustrated with [a competing] pattern over all that I invested in Margo's patterns. I did, and I think I've almost got my money's worth out of them already. Though they're pricey, I use Margo's patterns over and over, where I feel that I really wasted my money on the [other one], since I only used it once, and it didn't even turn out well.

Diane: Just a little side note about Margo's patterns. It is not just "a pattern." It entails EVERYTHING from the chemise, farthingale, bum roll, to the outer garments in multiple sizes and multiple countries. She includes all of the accessories like hats, purses, etc. What you get in Margo's patterns would cost you at least twice as much if you could find the patterns with someone else. AND--- on top of everything else----they are historically correct with great instructions that are easy to follow !! NO--I do not get any kind of commission or money for promoting Margo's patterns but---I did buy her patterns and have been using them for my Elizabethans and I am EXTREMELY happy with them !! ... I do not believe you will be disappointed.

Isabella: I have just started my first Margo Anderson project and have lots of questions. I have discovered a perfectionist living within me and wish to do my projects the best I can. I have found the instructions for the Elizabethan Ladies Wardrobe to be so complete that I have made a binder for them and add research pages I get from the web. Thank you for creating such a wonderful pattern. I believe it is more than a's an inspiration.

Heather: I just want to say that this is a great boon to costumers, and I have always, always appreciated your candor and support for others seeking to become professional costumers. Your "So You Wanna Be a Costumer?" website was one of my early inspirations to actually sell my work, and I recently presented some of your materials (with full credit to you and your URL written on the board!) to my Entrepreneurship class. Thank you, now and always, for your support to the community - it's growing because of you!

Barbara: I love Margo's pattern and instructions. I made a binder of the instructions and separated chapters and add research to it when I find stuff I want to keep. I think if it as my "Margo Bible." It gave me so much inspiration, I am beside myself. I can hardly wait to get home from work each day to work on a part of my gown. ... I had never made piping or even understood its use until I got my Margo pattern. It opened up a whole new world...I didn't even know what flatlining was!!! Well, thank you Margo and all you great people who share so much in this group.

Sharon: Last year, my dear husband bought me the full set of Margo's for my birthday. Yes, they are expensive. YES, they are worth every penny. The instructions and methods are different than I was used to but I learned a great deal from them. The construction and methods are actually simpler; just very different than any I had ever used. My humble garb attempts took a real upturn. I am sure other pattern makers are also very good but the Margo's construction book is like taking a sewing class in garb.
P.S. Nope, I don't work for Margo, never even met the lady.

Hendy: I am amazed. Stunned. Impressed as all get-out. These patterns are fantastic! Too late for *my* entry into Elizabethan garb (did my first set 15 years ago - fortunately with guidance from people who knew what they were doing!), but I'm going to add them to my pattern library anyway and will "sell them up" to anyone else who wants to venture down this path. SO much easier than drafting from scratch! (says the lazy sewer...)

Laura: Margo- I know you've heard it tons from the list - but thank you again for such a wonderful pattern. It's just what I needed! ... The manual is so easy to understand, well documented, the pictures are clear, and has instructions for all the "little" things most other patterns assume someone already knows! (like how to make piping, all the different hand stiches, and gusset instructions!!!!!!) ... And the sizes are reasonable! I'm a 12, and I can use all of the size 12 pieces, no mix and match! Thanks to you, now I can make my own dresses without pulling my hair out trying to follow incomplete instructions or trying to alter a pttern that wasn't meant for it! You are so generous to share your wealth of knowledge! Get some rest, and bask in the glow! You deserve it! Did I say thank you?

Jessica: First, I wanted to say what an incredible job you've done with the patterns. Your work is wonderful, and I'm so grateful that you've gone to all the effort and trouble to work on this project. Thanks very much for producing this! I hadn't intended to do an Elizabethan for a while but I think this has changed my mind.

Kathlene: I got my Margo's patterns the other day......WOW! I haven't gotten a chance to pore over them yet, but so far I am very impressed with the amount of info contained within. Man, what a lot of work. Even my husband was impressed. He took them to his spot on the couch and proceeded to look them over, proclaiming they were *neat*. High praise, I must say. Thank you, Margo.

Jini: Good news! The patterns arrived yesterday, just as promised! And, they look wonderful. Boy, did you do a lot of work!! I can't wait to get sewing. So many gown ideas running around in my head. Thanks for all of your help!

Mary: Margo, I got my patterns yesterday. Thank you for making sure that I got them. They are really wonderful and so professionally done. I knew that you worked hard on them, but I had no idea what a good job you were going to be able to turn out. Congratulations!

Diana: It is everything I wished for and more. I cannot thank you enough... All in all this is an awesome collection. Easy to read and understand, comprehensive in the styles and sizes. WOW. You have outshined everything else on the market. Oh, where do I prepay for the next 10 patterns you will be doing?

Mary: ...the only word I can find is AMAZING!!! Margo, this is project to be very proud of...

Sharon: I put the pages in a binder & started reading...housework be damned! All I can say is "WOW!" These patterns are worth every dime... I have never seen such detail & clear instructions. Thank you, Margo. Looking forward to cutting into some material & jumping in feet first.

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