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Usage and Copyright of Patterns

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When Historic Costume Patterns first started, we stated a strict copyright policy: You can sew for yourself or your friends or family. No commercial sewing from our patterns. Period.

Since then we've reconsidered. Many times someone really needs the opportunity to apply her (or his) craft and make some honest money. We know; we did it, and if it weren't for the cooperation and generosity of others, Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns would still be just a dream.

However, there's a time when a business needs to develop its own resources. It's one thing to sew costumes to order, or even "on spec", one at a time, to be sold on an auction site or in an online store. It's something else to hire people to produce twenty identical pieces for you to sell, and something else again to contract with an industry shop or factory for thousands.

We're proud of the fact that people are using our patterns to help them start successful costuming businesses. We're happy to know that we help parents work at home so that they can be with their children. We’re gratified to enable customers who are struggling with physical or mental disabilities that don't allow them to work at standard jobs.

But it's our feeling that people who are able to set up professional factory scale operations should be purchasing professional patternmaking services to develop their own proprietary patterns.

For copyright purposes, imagine buying a movie on DVD and showing it to your family or friends. That's what it's intended for, and that's fine. Now imagine using the same DVD movie, and charging people admission to see it in a theater. That's against the publisher's intent, and it's against the law.

Remember -- we're not one of the Big Three pattern companies, with outlets in thousands of fabric stores and the kind of production costs that come with huge volume. We're a small operation, and this business is our livelihood. If someone abuses our copyright, it costs us, personally -- not some abstract shareholder.

Official policy:

Purchasing our patterns gives you the right to use them for personal use. They may also be used to make one of a kind items in your own home or workroom, either as custom orders or on speculation, such as for selling through online auction sites or stores. The patterns may not be used for factory style production or for contracting to outworkers who work out of their own homes.

If you are interested in making identical multiples of any of the garment or accessory pieces, for selling online, by mail, through stores, at Renaissance Faires, SCA events, craft fairs or other shows, through online auction sites, or in any other venue, you MUST contact Historic Costume Patterns privately and discuss licensing.

You may NOT photocopy, trace, scan, or otherwise reproduce the patterns, manual, illustrations, cover art, or any other part of it for distribution by sale, gift, loan, or any other arrangement, whether for profit or not. (This means -- don't make a copy for a friend. Yes, we know it happens, and it seems like a nice thing to do for your friend, but that costs us in a very personal way.) You may make copies of the patterns for your own use as described within the pattern instructions.

Special arrangements for individuals teaching classes and workshops may be made, but you must contact us in advance to discuss them.

Historic Costume Patterns is not liable for any damage to or loss of fabric and other materials that may result from the use of the patterns.

If you value the patterns and manuals we produce, and the personal support that we give to all our customers, please respect our wishes and legal rights.

Thank you to all our friends for your cooperation and support.

Margo Anderson

"...It's just so stunning to have all these hats and sleeves and foreparts all at once, and the bits of history and advice on almost every page. Believe me, this is completely unlike any period pattern anywhere ... She's done an extraordinary thing here..." - MaggiRos



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